SCM has always been committed to the industry and is organized in three major production centers. Industrial processes are carried out according to lean management principles, that strive for excellence. The company’s goal is to offer our customers nothing but quality & efficiency – best-in-class both timewise & financially speaking.

SCM Canada has three fully operational technology centers located across the country. Each location in Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto offers knowledgeable staff for an online or in-person demonstration to answer any questions on SCM’s full range of woodworking machinery – there are more than 50,000 square feet under the roof with 35,000 square feet available space for demonstrations.

Who is CNC Woodworking Master?

CNC Woodworking Master is stopping at nothing to ensure that we have industry-leading woodworking software. As a leader in bespoke CNC services, our team is specialized in programming and setting up the best software for your woodworking project. Whatever your team requires – whether it be custom furniture, a part prototype, or a complete production run – we have the toolkit and the expertise needed for success. Contact us for more information!