Biesse Group is a leading international company in the design, manufacture, and distribution of systems and machines for processing wood, glass, plastic, metal, stone, and composite materials.

Biesse is the brand of Biesse Group that designs, manufactures, and distributes machines and systems for processing wood. The company is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of technologies for joiners, large furniture manufacturers, wood building components manufacturers as well as windows/doors makers. In addition, it has been developing ad-hoc solutions to help grow its plastic processing machinery sector.

Biesse puts a lot of time and effort into making sure each machine is assembled correctly, tested for accuracy in multiple conditions (including simulating difficult situations), before being marked as fully completed. On average each machine undergoes 160 checks during the assembly process.

The final step requires the most rigorous proof test which checks that every component will function properly.

Who is CNC Woodworking Master?

CNC Woodworking Master is stopping at nothing to ensure that we have industry-leading woodworking software. As a leader in bespoke CNC services, our team is specialized in programming and setting up the best software for your woodworking project. Whatever your team requires – whether it be custom furniture, a part prototype, or a complete production run – we have the toolkit and the expertise needed for success. Contact us for more information!