Felder Group

The Felder Group is a global leader in the field of mechanical engineering and technology with products that include many different types of machines. The Felder Group offers both standard woodworking equipment as well high-end 5 axis CNC machining centers, alongside smart software solutions for optimized production processes. No matter what industry you’re working within (furniture making, solid wood processing, window construction, or plastic processing) or how large your project may be. Felder Group’s range of products includes more than 180 machines, helping your production to become faster, more powerful, and more profitable.

Who is CNC Woodworking Master?

CNC Woodworking Master is stopping at nothing to ensure that we have industry-leading woodworking software. As a leader in bespoke CNC services, our team is specialized in programming and setting up the best software for your woodworking project. Whatever your team requires – whether it be custom furniture, a part prototype, or a complete production run – we have the toolkit and the expertise needed for success. Contact us for more information!