MDF Doors & Panels Software Training

If you’re in the business of creating MDF Doors and Panels for your clients, you’ll want to team up with CNC Woodworking Master. We specialize in CNC software installation and training with the ultra-powerful Fusion 360 software system across Canada & United States. Once we teach you how to use this system, you’ll never experience another headache trying to create a 3-D rendering or cut list for your MDF Door and Panel projects.

Fusion 360 (Autodesk) Benefits

At CNC Woodworking Master we offer only the best to our clients. Our recommended software is tested and reviewed by our technicians before getting to your CNC machine. For all your MDF cutting needs we highly recommend Fusion 360, as it comes with many benefits:

  • Fusion 360 is an affordable and yet extremely powerful tool for your MDF Doors and Panels creation tasks.
  • It is a cloud-based platform that works equally well on Windows and Mac.
  • Fusion 360 offers you a variety of pre-construction geometry and great sculpt tools, which allows you to create truly unique and functional designs.

See How It Works

Before you start building, it helps to visualize any moving parts such as a door or a drawer. Fusion 360 lets you designate those joints in your plans and creates a 3-D model of how the parts might move in real life. This will ensure your parts, in this case, doors and drawers, have the proper dimensions to open as far as you need them to.

Do Even More!

Fusion 360 allows some third-party add-ons to help you work even more efficiently. One of these add-ons even allows you to create a cut list. The program will determine the most efficient way to lay out all the pieces on a piece of MDF to minimize waste.

We’re Here To Help

From installation to operation and beyond, the team at CNC Woodworking Master is always here to walk you through any issues you experience with Fusion 360. Our experienced team members have logged many hours and created many projects using this magical program that makes your work hassle-free. Contact us today!