Woodworking is a global industry that requires many different skills to be successful. The HOMAG Group provides necessary resources with integrated solutions, allowing for global production while also providing access through various sales companies and manufacturers worldwide. The HOMAG Group is the global leading provider of integrated solutions for woodworking production. With over 6,500 employees and a global presence across 100 countries – we have an estimated market share of up to 30%. We offer our customers solutions for digital production, based on digital data processes from point of sale to the entire manufacturing process. Our clients use high-tech machines and systems designed by The HOMAG Group to produce home and office furniture, kitchens, laminate or parquet flooring, doors, windows, staircases, and even prefabricated timber-frame buildings. Our decades of experience with a wide range of machines and systems give us the opportunity to offer unparalleled service. From individual trade services to all-inclusive production lines in highly industrialized furniture factories – our team can provide any solution you need!

Who is CNC Woodworking Master?

CNC Woodworking Master is stopping at nothing to ensure that we have industry-leading woodworking software. As a leader in bespoke CNC services, our team specializes in programming and setting up the best software for your woodworking project. Whatever your team requires – whether it be custom furniture, a part prototype, or a complete production run – we have the toolkit and the expertise needed for success. Contact us for more information!