CNC Accessories & Tools

CNC Woodworking Master carries a variety of CNC accessories and tools for a wide selection of CNC machines. Our experts only deal with the most reputable distributors in the business, ensuring that you’ll get the best parts for your machine.

Choosing the rights parts can increase your productivity and guarantees a longer lifespan for your machine. It’s an expensive investment for any company, that’s why our experienced CNC Woodworking Master team will always be available to advise on maintenance matters and best practices regarding the day-to-day use of your CNC router.

Here are few essential CNC tools we can help you pick out:

Solid Carbide Bits

Solid carbide bits are highly preferred because of their durability and long life span. These will enable you to undertake high-speed milling operations. You’ll always be able to drill reliably on any tough project if you invest in a good set of these.

Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD)

Polycrystalline diamond is a strong material that can be produced in a lab. It’s made from unsystematically oriented diamonds bonded to tungsten carbide and filled with cobalt alloy, which creates an extremely firm product that keeps its strength and shape.
The extreme hardness, wear resistance, and thermal conductivity of diamond make it an ideal material for cutting tools. PCD can machine all nonferrous materials such as woodworking industry chipboards, HDF, etc.

The diamond-embedded tips are designed to deliver fast, chip-free cutting so you can get the job done faster. These bits work well with many CNC machines routers. Correctly chosen Polycrystalline Diamond tools for your CNC can reduce machining time drastically and can increase your machine productivity up to 10 times. Low friction rake surfaces and sharp cutting edges guarantee high-quality surface finishes for all your products.

roundover router bits in wooden box.

Shaper Cutters

Shaper cutters are a powerful tool for your CNC machine, designed to handle large work volumes. It is relatively quiet and very sturdy. With the use of shapers, you can cut wider production profiles like raised panels and crown moldings.

Due to razor-sharp edges, you will be able to create smooth and chip-free cuts in any type of wood materials you are working with.

Carbide shaper cutters are ideal for harder types of material such as MDF and chipboards, which makes it a great addition to your machine to create amazing kitchen cabinets, vanities, doors, raised panels, and other things.

A good machine will have numerous speeds for different types of cuts ranging from 25 ft/min up to 250 ft/min. It’s important to know before starting what kind of stock you will be cutting as this has a large impact on speed and feed rate. All this information will be gladly provided to you and explained in detail by our knowledgeable CNC Woodworking Master team!

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There is a mind-boggling number of CNC accessories and tools for you to choose from. The team at CNC Woodworking Master makes it easy by helping you select the best tools for the job. We’re always here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation.