Woodworking Technology Days in Toronto

After a lengthy break, Woodworking Technology Days (WTD) is set to return to Toronto, the 2021 event slated for November 1st to 6th. As an industry-leading event with incredible sponsors, distributors, creators, and the like, WTD is a must-visit event for any and all working in the woodworking and woodworking machinery industry.

What is Woodworking Technology Days?

Combining live demonstrations of new technology with a series of wonderful presentations and talks, this will be a space for specialized production machinery to shine and for teams to familiarize themselves with what’s becoming possible as technology advances. There are no other woodworking shows across the country that offer the number of insights or level of detail as the Woodworking Technology Days, and it’s a show that has been long-anticipated. In their own words, you should expect nothing less than more machinery, more live demos, and more new technology, featuring some North American premieres and futuristic demonstrations.

Who is CNC Woodworking Master?

As we prepare for the exciting event ahead, CNC Woodworking Master is stopping at nothing to ensure that we have industry-leading woodworking software to showcase throughout the week. As a leader in bespoke CNC services, our team is specializes in programming and setting up the best software for your woodworking project. Whatever your team requires – whether it be custom furniture, a part prototype, or a complete production run – we have the toolkit and the expertise needed for success.

Come Visit Us at Event

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at the event! As we are one of the event’s sponsor, our days are going to be quite filled with different demonstrations happening at different showrooms. You will be able to find us at SCM, Biesse, Felder. If you’re planning to attend the event, give us a call – or complete the form below – so that we can get a location and time schedule into your hands once it becomes available.