Edge Bander EB-M6(PM)

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Variable sizes and options are available.  Add to the wishlist and we will discuss the details over the phone.

General information:

  • Model: EB-M6 / EB-M6PM
  • Option: Standart, Pre-Mill


  • Automatic feed station for: Pre-Mill, Gluing, Pneumatic Guillotine, Double End Trimming, Top & Bottom
  • Fine Edge trimming, Edge Polishing (BY THE MODEL Number).
  • The feed of edging material by “strip” or coil is automatic and synchronous with panel feed.
  • Sound / Safety covers for all work units with all required dust extraction outlets.
  • Heavy, robust construction to eliminate vibration and ensures accuracy and stability.
  • Pressure beam with staggered rubber rollers for optimum guidance of workpiece.
  • Chain track with precision ground round guides to ensure precise linear tracking of the workpiece and rubber pads to eliminate ”marring.”
  • Pressure beam mounted on heavy cast columns with mechanical digital readout thickness adjustment.
  • Outrigger support for wider workpieces.
  • Side Pressure Unit: Side pressure with one driven and two idle rollers with independent adjustment for straight edge banding only.
  • Gluing Unit: Hot melted glue unit with synchronously driven glue roller for application of hot melted glue to the vertical edge of the workpiece prior to the application of edge banding.
  • End Cutting Unit: Pneumatic guillotine application for cutting end of band material.
  • Double End Trimming Unit: Application for fine trimming front & rear edge by saw blade with two independent high frequency , inverter driven motors.
  • Edge Fine Trimming Unit: This top and bottom edge fine trimming unit is completed by cutterhead with two independent high frequency, inverter driven motors to round the corners and edges automatically.
  • Polishing Unit: Apply the finest finish surfacing process on top and bottom edge.