Castaly Machine

Castaly Machine provides a range of CNC equipment that is both reliable and affordable, catering to various applications such as router, laser, plasma, oscillating knife, lathe, and boring. These machines are designed for small to large-sized businesses that specialize in cabinetry, closets, signs, and plastic applications. Castaly’s aim is to help customers achieve more while spending less, offering multi-functional tools that are engineered to provide high-quality performance and versatility. Additionally, Castaly is capable of accommodating customized requirements, machine installations, and spare parts, with showrooms and warehouses located in Los Angeles, California, and Montreal, Canada.

CNC Woodworking Master is committed to providing the best woodworking brands & software training in the industry. As a leader in customized CNC services, our team specializes in programming and configuring the most advanced software for your woodworking projects. Our services cater to all your requirements, be it custom furniture, part prototype, or full production run. With our expertise and tools, we ensure successful completion of your projects. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.