Best CNC Woodworking Software 2023

Computerized Numerical Control or CNC as it is widely known these days, has become the go-to method for manufacturing, especially for the home renovation industry. These software programs allow contractors to design, process, cut, track inventory, order materials and so much more.

This integral component of the renovation business has been capitalized on by many companies, and so when it comes to CNC woodworking software in 2023, you have so many options. In this article, we’ll talk about how woodworking CNC software can help you do your job easier, and which product could be the right choice for you and your team.

So what is CNC software exactly? Well, it starts with another acronym, CAD, which is computer-aided design. This software helps you build models of your customized cabinetry or complete home designs before you start ordering materials and building the project. This job used to be done by hand many years ago, and since then, we’ve been able to massively speed up the process with woodwork software.

Besides massively speeding up the process of the project, it also increases accuracy. Using computers to measure everything and then cut pieces afterwards ensures a perfect product every time — unless the wrong data was entered by the human user at the starting point. More accurate cuts mean fewer materials and less time wasted for both you and your clients.

Now, on to the best CNC software in the business.

Mozaik Software

One of the most reputable CNC cabinet software all-in-one suites on the market, people know Mozaik as a reliable standard in machine automation and manufacturing. Any woodshop owner can use Mozaik to design custom kitchen cabinets.

Using your parameters and base design, the program will automatically generate detailed plans, 3D renderings, bird’s-eye views, order lists, estimates and so much more. Online subscriptions are available for anyone with comprehensive access to first-rate customer service as you learn how to use the program.

The system specializes in helping contractors design casework, closets, and cabinets, but the crown jewel of the Mozaik system is for customer kitchen cabinetry. One time this was one of the painstaking jobs for kitchen contractors to deal with. Now, it’s all automated — and allows its clients to quickly and impressively create realistic renderings of 2D and 3D models so you can be sure you and the homeowner are very happy with the result before the building even starts.

Mozaik is a cloud-based system that can be accessed on any platform, on any device, and even has a mobile app version for your convenience. It operates on a monthly subscription service so you’re always getting the latest and greatest version of this product and no re-downloading or upgrading is necessary. Mozaik heralds this “up front” pricing as levelling the playing field, making this essential technology available to anyone who needs it.

Fusion 360 Software

Fusion 360 is very versatile, allowing users to tackle even the most complex of designs. That’s why Fusion 360 is one of the most popular CNC routing software choices in the world and is used by many people across many diverse industries.

Armed with a vast archive of ready-to-go shapes and designed features that can be quickly and conveniently dropped into any project, Fusion 360 is perfect for all woodworkers who like to utilize the benefits of 2D and 3D modelling.

This cloud-based software was designed for Mac and Windows operating systems only but has the advantage of being a cloud-based software system. That means you can access any project from any device as long as you’re connected to the internet. There’s an offline mode as well, but you’ll have to reconnect every so often to re-verify your subscription information.

There is a free version of Fusion 360 that lets you store and work on up to 10 CNC wood design projects at a time. For additional fees, you can access the professional version of Fusion 360 which not only lets you work on unlimited projects but also enables you to collaborate with other users online in real-time.

Another great benefit of Fusion 360 is the robust and thriving online community of users who are all too happy to post countless video tutorials and offer support through various forums and social media channels.

This is a great piece of software for users of all experience levels.

Vesta 360

This program tries to make it as easy as possible to access your files and get your work done — no matter your location or device. Vesta 360 is a cloud-based software that never requires you to download anything. There’s also no limit to how many devices you can use it on, although you can only be logged in one device at a time.

Aside from the perfect design software, Vesta 360 also connects you with commerce opportunities. We have a customer portal that you can access and talk with clients who can place orders simply through our system. Whether you’re selling finished products or individual pieces for larger works, Vesta 360 allows you to get the job done.

Stay on top of your budget with Vesta 360. The program automatically keeps a running total of the project’s cost, including cost-based and price-based approaches for estimating. Check on the price as your project progresses, knowing that any adjustments such as swapping out hardware or adding additional units, will be instantly reflected.

Vesta 360 also comes equipped with an industry-leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This keeps up communication and marketing with past, present and potential clients so you can keep track of historical work.

You can also treat Vesta 360 as an additional team member because it facilitates project management keeping your various designers and contractors in the loop on various stages of the project in question. There’s also integrated inventory tracking and supply ordering, so you never find yourself shorthanded on the materials you need for a job and you’ll never again fall victim to backorders and pesky supply-chain issues.

From comprehensive 3D floor planning and photorealistic renderings that wow your clients to cloud-based access and total project management, it’s no wonder that Vesta 360 is one of the top choices for contractors and specifically those who utilize CNC woodworking in their daily work.


FreeCAD allows you to design and build anything to be used in the real world and real units whether it’s feet, inches, metres or kilometres. With FreeCAD, you can design, produce and edit models to export them for CNC machining or even 3D printing. FreeCAD enables you to create 2D drawings to view your model from any angle and perform analysis of your materials so you can automatically generate a list of required parts and costs of materials.

Woodworkers and contractors love FreeCAD because of its advanced system that can record and remember the values or proportions of objects you’ve used in past projects or components that you are using in several different projects. One edit made to the item will be applied to all the projects using that object if that’s what you desire.

Every aspect of FreeCAD has the ultimate user experience in mind. FreeCAD supports every file format imaginable including DWG, SVG, DAE, NASTRAN, VRML and many more.

There is also a dedicated and passionate online community that not only loves sharing knowledge about the software, but the community directly contributes to the design and implementation of new features for FreeCAD as they come out regularly.


This software program has design ability and 3D modelling capabilities that can be applied to many different areas of construction and engineering. For example, it can help you design an electrical system or estimate the stress and resistance or structural elements of a build. And in some cases, it has even been utilized in the healthcare industry to design orthopedic tools or biomedical components.

With SolidWorks, users get access to constant technical support from SolidWorks professionals. There are also many certification and training courses for you and your staff to take. You’ll also have access to more than 15,000 tutorial videos for asynchronous learning opportunities.


Available to produce designs for various machine types, EnRoute can create 3D or 2D images — whatever you need for your project, whether it’s for woodworking, metal machinery, sign making or creative designs.

A perfect fit for CNC router users, it comes with many templates that you can start using immediately with almost no experience. And even though EnRoute is known for its precision and accuracy, the software also allows you to go freehand with a stylus or mouse so you can create the perfect design for any project.

EnRoute also has realistic simulations you can run your cuts and products through. It will catch errors before you get to the actual cutting process so you can maximize efficiency, minimize waste and ensure that every project is done safely and correctly.


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